It was a cold and rainy August day. I was at at office, bored, scrolling through social media whilst I waited for client feedback when I saw a meme. A meme that really struck a cord.

I shared it on my Stories and joked "I should start a fundraiser".

Which should've been the end of it. 

But my propensity to day dream - exacerbated by boredom - sent my already overactive imagination into overdrive and, before I knew it, I was writing a satirical fundraiser in the TOV of popular satirical meme pages dedicated to the super rich.

I published my fundraiser and shared it on Instagram, hoping I'll get a giggle or two.

Lo and behold, people really took to it.

I was buzzin' (and so was my phone from all the replies).

I even got a few (joke) donations.

Sadly, I took it one step too far and got found out, which put a premature end to my dreams of a better life.

However, the story does not end here!

I recently found out that it went IRL viral in Mykonos.

Screenshots had been circulated via Whatsapp which were then read out loud to a large group, shared and subsequently passed on. Ask me how I found out

Apparently I was even close to getting an offer to be flown in on a private jet.

My dream is not dead yet. I still have hope that, one day, I will be able to give up my wordsmithing ways in favour of a lavish life of leisure.


Until then...need a writer?